For folks driving in and around Old Town Chicago, it is important to note that it is has the shape of a square. The borders of the neighborhood are as follows. The north side of Old Town is West North Avenue. The west side is North Larrabee Street and the south side is West Division Street. Finally, the east side is North Clark Street.

When driving to Old Town on the far east side of Chicago by Lake Michigan, US 41 goes north and south. Families can take it all the way to West LaSalle Drive which connects to North Clark Street. For folks on Interstate 94, one of the easiest ways to go to Old Town is to take the West North Avenue exit and take it east until on gets to the historic neighborhood.

The Chicago Transit Authority, known to some as CTA, serves the residents and visitors of the Old Town neighborhood. With numerous bus routes on major roadways, families have access to the neighborhood from wherever they are. In addition to this, buses are able to bypass a number of traffic jams and rush hour traffic problems in the course of the day because of its status as the Chicago Transit Authority.

For folks who prefer a different form of transportation, the Chicago Transit Authority serves the Old Town neighborhood with a train service. Known to locals as the “L”, it has one stop in Old Town on North Sedgwick Avenue. The “L” is consistent with its arrival and departures and makes things easier on families who desire to know when the train will be arriving and departing.

Bicycling through Old Town Chicago is a fine way for parents and kids to get their daily source of exercise while taking in a better view of this historic neighborhood. There are a number of streets in the city that are specifically fitted to have bike lanes. If kids or parents get tired of biking, the Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains are equipped with storage for a certain number of bikes. In addition, folks can park their bikes at CTA stations.

Taxicabs are a wonderful resource to the Old Town neighborhood. Cabbies can bring families and visitors to Old Town with the click of a button or a phone call. In addition, cab drivers are excellent guides to finding the best places to visit in the neighborhood.